​Membership and Observers


CITEL is open to all OAS Member States and those American States which, though not OAS Members, have been accepted in accordance with the pertinent statutes, and also with private sector organizations that can become Associate Members of a PCC.
All Members States of the OAS are Members of CITEL.
The following organizations and entities may participate as observers:
  • OAS permanent observers and, subject to COM/CITEL's approval, those American States that are not members of the Organization and which have requested to participate in the meeting;
  • Sujbject to COM/CITEL's approval, those non-American states that are members of the United Nations or its specialized agencies and which have asked to participate in the meeting;
  • Inter-American specialized organizations and entities of the Organization, and inter-American intergovernmental regional organizations;
  • The United Nations and its specialized agencies;
  • International and national organizations that are parties to agreements or arrangements establishing relations of cooperation with the Organization, with its organs, organizations, or agencies when such agreements or arrangements provide for participation of observers;
  • Subject to COM/CITEL's approval, those international, regional, subregional and national agencies and organizations that are involved in telecommunications activities in the region and which have asked to participate in the meeting.
The Statute of CITEL also provides for participation, as an Associate Members of a Permanent Executive Committee, by any agency, organization, or institution related to the telecommunications industry that has legal personality, with the approval of the corresponding Member States of CITEL.
Beginning in January 2011, associate members make a minimum annual contribution of US$3,000 [CITEL/RES. 62 (V/10)] for each Permanent Executive Committee in which they participate.  Associate members may participate fully, with voice but without vote, in all activities of the Permanent Executive Committee selected.  They may present technical documents, and receive the documents of the Committee of which they are associate members, and of its working and ad hoc groups.
CITEL works in partnership with 35 Members States, more that 110 Associate Members from the private sector and with international and regional telecommunication organizations.