Structure of PCC.I

1.    Working Group on Policy and Regulation (WGPR).
1.1    Rapporteurship on the Rights of users of public telecommunication services. 
1.2    Rapporteurship on Internet ecosystem and international connectivity.
1.3    Rapporteurship on Roaming. 
1.4    Rapporteurship on fraud control, regulatory non-compliance practices in
         telecommunications and regional
               measures against the theft of mobile terminal devices.
        1.5   Rapporteurship on economic aspects of telecommunications/ICTs services.
        1.6   Rapporteurship on telecommunication service quality.
2.    Working Group on Development (WGD).
2.1     Rapporteurship on disaster prevention, response and mitigation.
2.2     Rapporteurship on Broadband for universal access and social inclusion.
2.3     Rapporteurship on follow-up of regional initiatives. 
3.    Working Group on Deployment of Technologies and Services (WGDTS).
3.1     Rapporteurship on Standards, Conformity and Interoperability.
3.2     Rapporteurship on Infrastructure, connectivity and service deployment.
3.3     Rapporteurship on Cybersecurity, vulnerability assessment and critical infrastructure.
3.4     Rapporteurship on Telecommunications numbering, portability and addressing.
3.5     Rapporteurship on Technological innovation and trends.

        4.    Working Group for the preparation and follow-up of the WTSA, WCIT and WTDC.  

        5.    Ad Hoc Group for the implementation of ICTs as tools for the empowerment                              of women.

        6.   Ad Hoc Group for the identification of work priorities, expected results, and possible                  improvements in the participation of Associate Members for the next PCC.I. study                      period.

        7.   Ad Hoc Group to the Coordinate Strategic Initiatives of the OASpowerment                                  related to Telecommunications/ICT.