Structure of PCC.I

The fol​lowing is the Structure of PCC.I for the period 2018-2022 (Resolution PCC.I/RES. 295 (XXXIII-18)):

·     WORKING GROUP 1: Working Group on Policies and Regulation (WGPR). 

1.1  Rapporteurship on protecting the rights of telecommunication services users

1.2  Rapporteurship on telecommunication service quality

1.3  Rapporteurship on economic aspects of telecommunication/ICTs

1.4  Rapporteurship on Broadband, universal access, digital inclusion and gender equality

1.5  Rapporteurship on conformance, fraud and illegal or irregular mobile terminal devices control  

·       ​  WORKING GROUP 2: Working Group on Deployment of Technologies and Services (WGDTS). 

2.1  Rapporteurship on disaster prevention, response and mitigation, ICT and climate change, environmental protection and circular economy.

2.2  Rapporteurship on interoperability, infrastructure, connectivity, numbering, services and applications, including Internet and international connectivity.

2.3  Rapporteurship on cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, vulnerability assessment and confidence building.

2.4  Rapporteurship on technological innovation, digital economy, Internet of Things, smart cities and communities.  

·        ​ WORKING GROUP 3: Working Group for the Preparation and Follow-up of the WTSA, WCIT and WTDC (WGCONF). 

·        ​ ​Ad Hoc Group to coordinate strategic initiatives of the OAS related to Telecommunications/ICT.