Training Courses 

CITEL's Coordination Center for the Development of Human Resources, establishes the telecommunications training program with the aim of addressing the higher training priority courses of the Member States, focusing especially on course materials and selection of scholarships recipients (while promoting equal gender opportunity in accordance with resolution COM/CITEL/RES. 160 (XIII-03)).

CITEL works with Regional Training Centers distributed throughout the Americas Region and in close coordination and cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union Academy (ITU Academy) and its Centers of Excellence for the Americas Region.

Webinars No-cost / September 2021 

mesas_conectados_i.jpgVIRTUAL ROUND TABLES ON “CONNECT THE UNCONNECTED" - The virtual round tables are intended for the OAS member states, associate members of CITEL and regional organizations. The purpose of these virtual tables is to provide information and exchange experience with the Member States for the development of projects or initiatives for the expansion of Telecommunications / ICT in rural, unserved, or underserved areas, focused on policies, regulation, economic aspects, infrastructure, deployment of services, creation of digital capacities and real inclusion mechanisms based on the 21 initiatives approved by CITEL to connect the unconnected in our region. Organized by the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) of the OAS. It lasts for two hours each day. It will be available simultaneous interpretation (Spanish and English).

27-28 September 2021 - 10:30 am (EST, Washington, DC time)

Open Calls for course/scholarships

Curso/Beca IPv6 Básico (LACNIC​-CITEL)

Nombre del curso:


Resumen y objetivos del curso:

Consiste en capacitar a los miembros de la comunidad en la introducción a IPv6 y su situación actual, introducción al direccionamiento, la autoconfiguración y mecanismos de transición de IPv4 a IPv6, sin ser requerido conocimiento previo sobre la temática. Además, ofrece un webinar informativo sobre IPv6 como una Decisión Estratégica dictado por Oscar Robles, Director Ejecutivo de LACNIC. 

Objetivos específicos:

·      Adquirir conocimientos de conceptos básicos de IPv6.

·     Conocer la situación actual del despliegue IPv6 en la región LAC

· Adquirir conocimientos necesarios para la autoconfiguración y mecanismos de transición.

·  Conocer experiencias de otros participantes mediante un foro de debate e intercambio acompañado por expertos de LACNIC.

· Adquirir conocimiento clave sobre la necesidad estratégica del despliegue IPv6.

Dirigido a:

Estados miembros de la OEA, miembros asociados de CITEL, ministerios y secretarias de telecomunicaciones y/o TIC de los estados miembros de la OEA, entes reguladores del sector de telecomunicaciones/TIC de los estados miembros de la OEA, organizaciones regionales, profesionales y técnicos en telecomunicaciones/ TIC, gerentes, ejecutivos, ingenieros de telecomunicaciones/TIC


A distancia (en línea), sincrónico a través de la plataforma EVRA de LACNIC.

Fechas del Curso:

04 de octubre al 03 de noviembre de 2021

·   Curso de 4 módulos del 04 al 29 de octubre (4 semanas)

·   Participación en un webinar informativo sobre IPv6 como Decisión Estratégica - 3 de noviembre

·   Requiere una dedicación total de 20 horas (aproximadamente 5 horas de dedicación semanal)

Idioma de Instrucción:


Formato del Curso:

El curso se divide en 4 módulos, que se realizará en línea del 04 al 29 de octubre (4 semanas) y un Webinar informativo el día 03 de noviembre.

Módulo 1: Introducción a IPv6 y situación actual

Módulo 2: Introducción al direccionamiento

Módulo 3: Autoconfiguración IPv6

Módulo 4: Mecanismos de transición

Webinar: IPv6 como Decisión Estratégica

Número de Becas ofrecidas y Beneficios:

Cincuenta (50) becas totales para participantes de habla española

·   Incluye materiales de estudio: videos y textos

·   Foro de intercambio y apoyo por expertos de LACNIC

·   Certificado por parte de LACNIC- CITEL/OEA

Fecha Límite de registro:

Martes, 14 de septiembre de 2021 (EST, Washington, DC)

Enlace para postularse:

Anuncio de seleccionados(as):


20 de septiembre de 2021 – 12:00 pm (EST, Washington, DC)

·      CITEL/OEA publicará la lista de los beneficiarios(as) del curso/beca en la web de CITEL:

· LACNIC-CITEL/OEA solo contactará a los(as) beneficiarios(as) que hayan sido seleccionados(as). Los(as) seleccionados(as) deberán aceptar oficialmente la beca llenando y firmado el Formulario de Aceptación de Beca que la CITEL/LACNIC le hará llegar.

Call for course/scholarships (ISOC-CITEL)


​This online course is intended for the OAS member states, CITEL associate members, telecommunication and/or ICT ministries and secretariats of OAS member states, regulatory bodies for the telecommunication/ICT sector of OAS member states, regional organizations, telecommunication/ICT professionals and technicians, civil society, and interested communities. The objective is to acquire the necessary knowledge for the creation, design, implementation, and operation of wireless community networks that uses unlicensed spectrum bands of 2.4 and 5.8 GHz to create wireless networks that belong to and are operated by the community. Organized by Internet Society (ISOC) and the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) of the OAS. It lasts for six weeks. Available 300 scholarships (250 scholarship to Spanish-speaking participants and 50 scholarships to English-speaking participants) on a "first come, first served basis".

Likewise, we are pleased to announce that ISOC / CITEL will award scholarships for this course to associations, enterprises and / or organizations that have won the first, second and third place of the Contest “Conectarse para Crecer” initiative of Telefonica | Movistar in conjunction with CITEL in the category women entrepreneur for the editions of the contest in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru as part of the efforts to promote the adoption of specific actions for the development of digital capacities that allow the use of ICT as facilitators of economic empowerment and greater independence of women rural, as part of the Rural Women ICT Alliance initiative.

Name of the course:


Course modality:

Distance learning course (online)

Course date:

September 13 to October 22, 2021

Instruction language:

Spanish and English

Number of scholarships offered:

300 scholarships (250 scholarship to Spanish-speaking participants and 50 scholarships to English-speaking participants) on a "first come, first served basis". 


Covers 100% of the course registration and fees 

Study materials

Certificate issued by ISOC-CITEL/OAS

Registration deadline:

3 September 2021 (EST, hora de Washington, DC) - CERRADA

Registration link:


Announcement of selected scholarship recipients:


September 7, 2021, at 12:00 pm (EST, Washington, DC)

ISOC-CITEL/OAS shall publish the results on their respective websites

Listado de Becarios Seleccionados


Closed Call for course/fellowships (CCATLAT-CITEL)


Name of the certification/fellowship:



The Certification Course on the Internet of Things is aimed at training professionals capable of supporting the current digital transformation, which is creating unprecedented economic opportunities and radically changing standard business processes with the implementation of IoT solutions.

Target audience:

Personnel of the telecommunications and ICT sector of government agencies/administrations of Member States of OAS/CITEL.


Distance learning (online) – synchronous – CCATLAT Platform

Dates and duration of certification course:

September 7 – December 17, 2021

·      Online classroom time: 60 hours.

·      Extends over 15 weeks, with two-hour classes twice a week.

·      Online classes held on Tuesday and Thursday from 19:00 to 21:00 (7 pm to 9 pm) (UTC)

Course format:

The Certification Course on the Internet of Things has three interconnected modules:

Module 1 → Introduction to the Internet of things (20 hours)

·      Everything is interconnected

·      Everything is becoming programmable

·      Everything generates data

·      Everything can be automated

·      Everything must be protected

·      Business and education opportunities

Module 2 → Connecting things (20 hours)

·     Things and connections

·     Sensors, enablers, and microcontrollers

·     Software is everywhere

·     Fog networking and cloud services

·     Industrial applications for IoT

·     Creating an IoT solution

Module 3 → Basics of IoT: Big data and data analytics (20 hours)

·      Data and the Internet of things

·      Basics of data analysis

·      Data analysis

·      Advanced data analysis and machine learning

·      Data-based storytelling

·      Architecture for big data and data engineering

Language of instruction:



Patricio Carranza (CCATLAT)

Number of fellowships offered and benefits:

Six (6) full fellowships

·     100% coverage of registration fee

·     Learning materials

·      Students passing the three interconnected modules will be granted the Certification diploma for the course on the Internet of things, enabling them to obtain the following certifications:

Ø  Official certificates for each of the three modules, delivered by Cisco Networking Academy

Ø  Official certificate for course completion Certification diploma on the Internet of things, delivered by CITEL/OAS and the Advanced Technology Training Center for Latin America and the Caribbean (CCATLAT).

Application deadline:

Monday, August 30, 2021 (EST, Washington, D.C., time) - CLOSED

Application link:

Selection and eligibility requirements:

The selection process for this course shall be conducted by CCATLAT/CITEL and a guest jury, based on the following criteria:

·      The fellowships are for personnel working in the telecommunication and ICT sector of government agencies and administrations of the Member States of OAS/CITEL.

·      Fluent in Spanish.

·      Balanced geographical distribution.

·      Equitable gender distribution.

·      Time available to complete online classroom workload of the certification course (15 weeks: two-hour classes twice a week).

·      The fellowship beneficiary must complete the full course (three interconnected modules) in line with the standards required for the length of the certification course.

·      If you have already been granted a CITEL fellowship over the past six (6) months or if you are currently a fellowship beneficiary for another CITEL course, you are NOT eligible to apply to the present fellowship.

Announcement of results:


September 1, 2021 – 12:00 pm (EST, Washington, D.C., time)

·     CCATLAT-CITEL/OAS shall post the results on their respective webpages: and

·     CCATLAT-CITEL/OAS shall only contact those applicants who have been granted the fellowship.

·     Selected fellowship recipients must officially accept the fellowship by completing and signing the Fellowship Acceptance Form that CITEL/CCATLAT shall send them.

Past Webinars/Courses 

2_I.jpgVirtual Seminar "Connecting the Unconnected in rural and remote areas" - O​n behalf of the Chairs of the Permanent Consultative Committees has the honor to invite you to the SEMINAR “CONNECTING THE UNCONNECTED IN RURAL AND REMOTE AREAS”, which will held remotely on April 15, 2021 from 9h00 to 12h00 (EST, Washington, DC time). Simultaneous interpreting in two languages (Spanish and English) will be available.  The virtual seminar is intended for the OAS/CITEL Member States, Associate Members of CITEL and Regional and International organizations. Participation in this event is open and at no-cost to the attendees. This event is organized in coordination with the Rapporteurship on Broadband, universal access, digital inclusion and gender equality of the Working Group on Policies and Regulation, Internet Society (ISOC) and Telefonica. The objective of this seminar is to share with the different actors in the sector, challenges, opportunities, works and their vision towards hemispheric cooperation for the development of infrastructure and provide services in rural or remote areas; as well as, specific actions undertaken to connect the unconnected

15 April 2021
9h00 - 12h00  (EST, Washington, DC time)

Livestream: || Twitter: @ISOC_Live​

ITU/CITEL  Training Plan for 2021 in cooperation with Center​s of Excellence ITU.png 

Título del cuso

Liderazgo femenino en el Sector de las telecomunicaciones y las TIC: Del básico a las tendencias del sector.

Registro/Información del detallada del curso


Cupos limitados (sin costo de participación) – Favor ver detalles en postulación y registro en el documento adjunto a esta circular.

Fecha límite para postulación/registro

26 de febrero de 2021 - CLOSED


Distancia (Plataforma ITU Academy)


El objetivo principal de este curso es brindar los principales conceptos en telecomunicaciones y TIC, de una manera clara y sencilla, además de una visión general de las tendencias del sector y las tecnologías emergentes. El curso también tiene como objetivo abordar los principales desafíos y oportunidades para el desarrollo del sector incluyendo el componente de liderazgo femenino para avanzar en un entorno cambiante.

Dirigido a:

El curso está dirigido principalmente a las mujeres técnicas y profesionales del sector de las Telecomunicaciones y las TIC que actúen en las entidades gubernamentales que representan el sector en los Estados-Miembros de la UIT en la región de las Américas.


Del 8 de marzo al 23 de abril de 2021


7 semanas



Código el curso



 ​For more information please visit ITU Academy website.