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I hope this work, which was carried out in the framework of the mandates gi ven by the
Summit of the Presidents of the Americas to CITEL and their recommendations to the
administrations, as well as in the purposes of the World Summit on the Information Society,
will contribute to promoting greater access of health organizations and administrators to the
use of technologies applied to telehealth and will foster better policymaking to reduce the
disparity in the access to health in the Americas.
I wish to thank CITEL for having given me the responsibility of carrying out this project, as
well as the International Telecommunication Union and the Pan American Health
Organization for having participated in it and the Latin American Association of Research
Centers and Telecommunication Enterprises for its collaboration. I also wish to extend my
appreciation to all the governments of the Americas for their contributions and to all the
experts who collaborated in preparing this book in its printed version and multimedia version.
It is the aspiration of all those who participated in this project that this publication will make a
positive contribution to the development of telehealth in the Americas, consolidating the
commitment to a reform of the health sector based on solidarity. With the support of these
new options, this reform will be able to contribute to reducing existing disparities of access, as
it is aimed at highlighting the concern for the essential functions of public health, quality care,
equality of access to services, and coverage of these services, in a process that will enable
our people to become part of the knowledge society on the basis of guarantees for health
without exclusions of any kind.
Working Group on Basic and Universal
Telecommunication Services of CITEL (1998-2002)

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