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»»Establish, as requisite for the entry of FTA      »»To establish a system of appropriate penalties
  (free-to-air) devices without the ability to de-    when detecting non-compliance within the le-
  crypt signals from subscription satellite TV        gal framework that is already applicable or to
  systems or that could be modified for this pur-     be implemented.
  pose, a framework of suitable controls that en-
  sures their correct harmonization to restrict     »»To improve the performance and coordina-
  the import, distribution, sale, and circulation     tion of different State agencies and private
  of these devices. For the purposes of control,      operators involved in the aforementioned ac-
  and in view of the complexity of the techno-        tivities.
  logy involved, the relevant authorities may
  require the industry to cooperate in contro-      »»To promote the harmonization of policies re-
  lling the entry of the FTA devices in question,     lated to the control of this type of fraud among
  providing an independent specialized techni-        the Member States of CITEL.
  cal team to which the authorities can recur in
  order to determine such harmonization.

»»To establish provisions to ensure that decoder
  devices with the ability to decrypt encoded
  signals may only be imported by authorized
  pay television operators whose license ena-
  bles them to carry out such imports.

»»Based on the attributes described in this re-
  port, to define the procedures that allow the
  identification of illegal devices.

»»To develop a monitoring system that allows the
  traceability of satellite television receivers.

»»To develop a system through which comp-
  laints can be channeled when fraudulent
  practices related to the manufacture, impor-
  tation, rental, marketing, distribution, pro-
  motion, installation, circulation, and/or use of
  illegal devices are verified.

»»To combat any commercial communications
  by any means that deal in the promotion of
  illicit devices.
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