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Currently, fraud linked to subscription-based satellite television signals
represents a significant percentage with respect to the different forms
of fraud in the consumption of audiovisual content. This affects both the
industry producing audiovisual content as well as the entire industri-
al chain, from generating the content to making it available for public
consumption in general; at the same time, it damages and negatively
impacts the implementation of policies that promote local content de-
velopments and distribution.

This type of fraud and its implications are one of the aspects which, in
the case of Uruguay, have driven the development and implementation
of legislation prohibiting the manufacture, importation, sale, rental,
and circulation of unauthorized subscription-based satellite television
receivers. Regulations include banning entry into the country of any sat-
ellite television receiver without due authorization from the URSEC, the
government body responsible, inter alia, for the supervision and veri-
fication of communications and audiovisual communication services.

In response to this problem, the National Directorate of Telecommuni-
cations of the Uruguayan Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, pro-
posed and coordinated, within the framework of the Rapporteurship on
Fraud Control, Regulatory Non-compliance Practices in Telecommunica-
tions and Regional Measures against the Theft of Mobile Terminal Devic-
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