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es of the Working Group on Policy and Regulation of the Inter-American
Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) of the Organization of Ameri-
can States (OAS), and, together with the international organization Alli-
ance Against Pay-TV Piracy, the creation of this manual, which contains
a set of best regulatory practices to combat the manufacture, importa-
tion, rental, marketing and/or distribution of satellite receivers capa-
ble of decrypting subscription-based satellite television signals without
proper authorization, or that can be modified for this purpose.
We hope that this material will serve as an informative contribution,
and to help encourage the implementation of measures to combat this
type of fraud in those Member States of the OAS, represented by their
Telecommunications Authorities that deem it necessary.

                                                                                  Nicolas Antoniello
                                                                             National Directorate of
                                                                  Telecommunications, Ministry
                                                                of Industry, Energy and Mining,
                                                                    Oriental Republic of Uruguay
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