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Pay TV fraud represents a threat to intellectual property rights, and sig-
nificantly affects the development of the audiovisual industry as well as
the economy of the countries of the Americas. For this reason, it is essen-
tial to raise awareness on this issue, develop policies that control it, and
establish strategies to combat this form of fraud. In its different forms, es-
timated pay TV fraud volumes range from 12% in regions with less fraud
to more than 40% in the regions most affected by the different forms of
fraud. These modalities include online audiovisual content fraud, and il-
legal signal retransmission through illegal decoders. The lower revenue
received by the audiovisual industry entail lower income for the Member
States of the OAS, particularly regarding tax matters. The people of the
Americas deserve to enjoy the wide variety of audiovisual content that
are available for consumption, both in traditional and online formats,
which requires an adequate protection of intellectual property.

The exchange of experiences and best practices between the Member
States of the OAS facing these types of fraud will help make more
effective the work of legislating, identifying gaps, and addressing the
challenges and losses that this illegal activity represents.

                                                                                             Oscar León
                                                                  Executive Secretary General
                                                          Inter-American Telecommunication

                                                                                 Commission (CITEL)
                                                               Organization of American States
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