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                          Héctor Mario Carril
                           Alternate Chairman
    Permanent Consultative Committee I:
           Telecommunications/ICT (PCC.I)

Consultative Committee I: Telecommunications/ICT (PCC.I), presents to us relevant information
on the international roaming service and its impact on the user.

Prepared based on the information provided by Member States and from studies conducted
on this topic, this document, which is made available to all those interested in the sector, deals,
among other aspects, with the topic on data roaming, the double taxation faced by users in the
region, the transparency of the information provided by operating companies, as well as the
capacity to determine the cost of this service and, consequently, the bases for the application
of the charges applied to users.

A topic which is also addressed in this work is the problem of “cross-border” roaming and the
possible solutions analyzed by countries to reduce the negative impact due to the involuntary
activation of the service between the users residing in border areas. This is a challenge that the
Consultative Committee has to face to guarantee the quality of the services offered and their
effective provision.

Arranging the international roaming service must be one of our priorities, so this Report
presents a set of recommendations to standardize the information mechanisms provided to
users, as well as to ensure that the service provision of international long distance calls responds
to an explicit request from the user. Finally, it has been desired to analyze and evaluate, as
competent authorities and Member States of CITEL, the most appropriate mechanisms which
allow encouraging operating companies to reduce roaming service prices and mitigating the
problem of automatic activation in border areas.

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