• 1 Mission Statement

    To facilitate and promote the integral and sustainable development of telecommunications/ICTs in the Americas based on the principles of universality, solidarity, transparency, equity, reciprocity, nondiscrimination ...

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  • 2 Structure

    » Assembly of CITEL
    » COM/CITEL: Permanent Executive Committee
    » PCC.I: Telecommunications/ICT
    » PCC.II: Radiocommunication including Broadcasting

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  • 3 Vision

    High-level specialized advisory body of the Organization of American States (OAS), leader in the region in all aspects involving telecommunications and information and communication technologies (ICTs)...

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  • 3 Mission Statement

    To facilitate and promote the integral and sustainable development of telecommunications/ICTs in the Americas ...

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​ Next Meeting
  • VII Assembly of CITEL: Argentina, 2018. 


​CITEL Collaborative Space
Visit  the CITEL Collaborative Space to access working documents of the current and last meetings, archives,  discussion boards, and more... 
​ Assembly Purpose


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The Assembly of CITEL generally meets every four years and serves as the leading inter-American forum in which the highest telecommunications authorities of the Member States share opinions and experiences and review work programs to address challenges, facilitating and promoting by all means available to it the ongoing development of telecommunications/information and communication technologies in the Hemisphere.

The impact of telecommunications on society requires CITEL’s commitment to the future. The challenge is to increase assistance to the countries of the region in planning, exploiting, updating, and maintaining more appropriate communications so as to provide access by all social strata of the population to information and knowledge.

​ Strategic Dialogue


On February 10, 2014, the “Strategic Dialogue on Broadband and Internet Development in the Americas” will be held.

The objective of the Strategic Dialogue preceding the VI Assembly of CITEL is to bring together senior government officials responsible for telecommunications and ICTs, the private sector, experts from the Internet technical community, and representatives of international organizations, civil society and academia, to exchange information, best practices, views and perspectives on the status and future development of Broadband and the Internet in the Americas region, including capacity building and human resource development.

The Strategic Dialogue will focus on policy, regulatory, technical, economic and capacity building  issues associated with broadband infrastructure deployment and use, Internet development, mobile applications and content for social and economic development, and on regulatory frameworks to promote competition, investment and public-private partnerships.