Meeting of COM/CITEL – Dominican Republic
citel_reunion_dominicana.jpgThe 31st meeting of the Permanent Executive Committee (COM/CITEL) took place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on December 7 and 8, where the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission's administrative, operational and strategic issues were discussed. A review of the strategic goals and objectives for the following years was performed, with the aim of maximizing the work of CITEL and helping the countries of the Americas to improve and accelerate their development and social integration, strengthen their infrastructure, drive economic growth, reduce poverty, improve education, guarantee security, and reduce and manage environmental risks through the access and use of information and communication technologies, achieving greater social inclusion and better quality of life for our peoples.
CITEL in Twitter
twitter_eng_last.jpg​On December 4, CITEL started participating in social media by means of Twitter. We invite all members of CITEL to follow us. Wait no more and follow us. Help us reach 500 followers.