Associate Members 

Any agency, organization or institution related to the telecommunications/ICT industry, which has legal personality, with the approval of the corresponding Member State of CITEL, may become an Associate member of a Permanent Consultative Committee. Also, an international or regional inter-governmental organization with multiple memberships of States of the Americas that is related to telecommunications/ICT and has legal personality may become an associate member of a Permanent Consultative Committee with the approval of COM/CITEL. 

Associate members of a Permanent Consultative Committee may fully participate in all the activities of that Permanent Consultative Committee, with voice but without vote. They may present technical papers and receive the documents of the to which they pertain.

To become an Associate Member of CITEL 

Who participates in the PCCs?

CITEL Member States (which are all OAS Member States) and American States which, though not OAS Members, have been accepted in accordance with the pertinent statutes. Associate Members also participate.
Associate Membership on a Permanent Consultative Committee (PCC) is open to any entity, organization or institution related to the telecommunications industry, that has legal personality, provided that the entity's associate membership is approved by the corresponding Member State of CITEL, where the "entity" was constituted or has its principal office. Also, can participate as an Associate Member an international or regional inter-governmental organization with multiple membership of States of the Americas that is related to telecommunications and has legal personality, with the approval of COM/CITEL.
The participation in the work of CITEL provides the opportunity to:
  • Access to a wealth of first-hand strategic information on such aspects as the telecommunications situation in countries, development and investment needs, and initiatives for projects of interest to the Associate Members.
  • Take part in a forum that enables the participation fully in, and make contributions to the development of programs and projects in the Americas and has a solid reputation for impartiality and is of the confidence of decision-makers at the national level.
  • Work jointly with those who make decisions and participate in decision-making on national telecommunications policies.
  • Scholarship opportunities for telecommunications training in the region for their employees, through courses prepared by experts in telecommunications or related areas. These courses are generally offered by means of “distance education.”
Technology innovation, digitalization and the convergence of telecommunication, radiocommunication and information technologies and services have substantially changed the ways in which human beings gain access to knowledge and communicate with one another. There is little doubt as to the importance of telecommunications–including Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)–for the economic and social development of all countries. Clearly, these are the technologies that will bring about universal, sustainable, widespread and affordable access to information.

CITEL is a responsive, dynamic, and effective high-level specialized advisory body that promotes the ongoing exchange of experiences, information, and knowledge between governments and the private sector and develops reference guidelines to assist Member States in achieving their objectives regarding access to telecommunications, including information and communication technologies, promoting development in the region. We are dedicated to ensuring access to communications anytime anywhere and at an affordable price.

Associate Members of a PCC may participate fully in all the activities of that PCC, with voice but not vote. They may present technical papers and receive the documents of the PCC to which they belong (i.e. they may contribute proposals and participate in the formulation of the PCC's decisions and plans of action).

Furthermore, when authorized in writing by a duly designated governmental representative of a Member State which is a Member of the PCC, an Associate Member may, in that PCC and on behalf of and in representation of that state: (1) vote, (2) submit papers, and (3) propose to include topics in the PCC's agenda.
Associate Members share in the operating costs of the PCC in which they participate, voluntarily choosing a contributory level. The contributory level is based on an "unit" scale.  The minimum contributory level shall be “a quarter” (1/4) of a unit (USD1,500.00) for associate members belonging to academia, “one” (1.0) unit (USD6,000.00) for associate members with legal personality in one of the Permanents Member States of the OAS, and “one and one half” (1.5) units (USD9,000.00) for the Observers Member States of the OAS.  All these contributions may be increased in minimum “one half” unit levels or more. Therefore, these values were determinated since January 1, 2017, and covers membership prorated for one calendar year. Associate Members may choose how many units they want to contribute (prorated).

Applications must be sent to the representative of the applicant's Member State, together with an indication of the chosen contribution and information of a contact person to whom procedural information may be sent. The corresponding Member State shall be responsible for examining and approving these applications based on the criteria or procedures for sponsoring Associate Members as it deems appropriate.

Should the application be approved, the Member State will notify the Executive Secretary of its approval, indicating the chosen contribution amount and the pertinent information of the contact person.
The Executive Secretary will notify the applicant of the decision taken and the procedures which Associate Membership entails. Also, he will notify the Chair of COM/CITEL and the Chair of the respective PCC about the admission of the applicant.
An Associate Member may resign from any PCC by sending written notification to the Executive Secretary. The resignation will become effective 90 days following the date of notification. Membership fees will be reimbursed on a prorated basis.
Application Form for Associate Membership on PCC's.
To become an Associate Member of one or more Permanent Consultative Committees, the applicant must complete the attached form​ and send it to the corresponding Member State.

International and regional Organizations must send the form directly to the Executive Secretary of CITEL.