• 1 Mission Statement

    To facilitate and promote the integral and sustainable development of telecommunications/ICTs in the Americas based on the principles of universality, solidarity, transparency, equity, reciprocity, nondiscrimination ...

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  • 2 Structure

    » Assembly of CITEL
    » COM/CITEL: Permanent Executive Committee
    » PCC.I: Telecommunications/ICT
    » PCC.II: Radiocommunication including Broadcasting

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  • 3 Vision

    High-level specialized advisory body of the Organization of American States (OAS), leader in the region in all aspects involving telecommunications and information and communication technologies (ICTs)...

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  • 3 Mission Statement

    To facilitate and promote the integral and sustainable development of telecommunications/ICTs in the Americas ...

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​ Objective
  • To serve as an advisory committee of CITEL in the area of telecommunications/ICTs, especially in matters related to telecommunication/ICT policy, regulatory aspects, standardization, cybersecurity, international public policy issues relating to the Internet, in as much as those issues involve telecommunications networks or ICT Infrastructure, universal service, economic and social development, environment and climate change, and the development of infrastructure and new technologies.
  • To implement this objective, Permanent Consultative Committee I has specific mandates.
​Contest of the Call for Awards

The three (3) winning proposals are:  

:: Aplicación móvil Ellas Libres de Violencias. Todas Libres, Todas con ELLAS (Red Nacional de Mujeres – Colombia)
:: Ecos de Mirabal (Ecos de Mirabal, Sociedad Civil - México)
:: PLP 2.0 – an app to protect women against violence (Consortium among Themis – Género, Justiça e Direitos Humanos, GeledésInstituto da Mulher Negra and Conceptu – Brazil) 

Information about the contest:

​ Authorities - PCC.I
  • Chair: Peru.
  • Vice Chairs:  Paraguay, El Salvador, Venezuela.
​Working Groups - PCC.I
  • Working Group on Policy and Regulation (WGPR).
  • Working Group on Development (WGD).
  • Working Group on Deployment of Technologies and Services (WGDTS).
  • Working Group for the Preparation and Follow-up of the WTSA, WCIT and WTDC (WGCONF).
  • Ad hoc group for the implementation of ICTs as tools for the empowerment of women.
  • Ad hoc group for the identification of work priorities, expected results, and possible improvements in the participation of associate members for the next PCC.I study period.
  • Ad hoc group to coordinate strategic initiatives of the OAS related to Telecommunications/ICT.  
​ CITEL Collaborative Space


    Visit  the CITEL Collaborative Space to access working documents of the current and last meetings, archives,  discussion boards, and more.