Structure of PCC.II: Radiocommunications 

1.   Working Group for the Preparation of CITEL for Regional and World
      Radiocommunication Conferences.  
1.1   Ad Hoc Group for the Updating of the Procedure of Inter-American Proposals (IAP) and     Creation of Procedure for Inter-American Contributions (IAC).
2.   Working Group on Terrestrial Fixed and Mobile Radiocommunication Services. 
2.1   Sub-Working Group of Spectrum Management. 
3.    Working Group Relative to Satellite Systems.
4.    Working Group on Broadcasting.  

5.    Ad Hoc Group to Coordinate Strategic Initiatives of the OAS reated to 

6.    Ad Hoc Group for the identification of work priorities, expected, and possible
       improvements in the participation of Associate Members for the next PCC.II 
       study period.