• Aproximated population: 71,293 habitants.
  • Surface: 751 Km2.
  • 46,269 Internet users.
  • 15,123 Telephone lines.
  • 15,159 Fixed broadband internet subscribers.


    TELEPHONE LINES (per 100 people)          BROADBAND INTERNET (per 100 people)

    INTERNET USERS (per 100 people)          CELLULAR TELEPHONES (per 100 people)

    Source: Banco Mundial. (2015)


  • National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.
  • Ministry of Information, Science, Telecommunications and Technology.
  • It has a mandate to contribute to sustainable economic development, the telecommunications sector and public sector reform in Dominica.

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    Established to coordinate an effective regulatory regime to improve the functioning of telecommunications in the interest of sustainable development in Dominica.

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