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                                                                                 Gonzalo Ruiz

                                                                  Roaming Rapporteurship
                                             Working Group on Policies and Regulation

                                                    Permanent Consultative Committee I

                   Toward Greater Transparency and Accessibility in Roaming Services in the

                       The problem of roaming services is a permanent concern to CITEL. On the one hand,
                       administrations have been forced to deal with the problems of users, victim of unexpected and
                       disproportionate increases in their bills for these services; and, on the other hand, solutions
                       to the so-called “inadvertent roaming,” which affects users who reside in border areas of the
                       countries, are being sought.

                       CITEL’s Permanent Consultative Committee I consists of four working groups, one of which, the
                       Working Group on Regulation Policies, is developing its agenda through six rapporteurships.
                       Peru, a country leading Roaming Rapporteurship, has intended to cope with the problems
                       mentioned above from an eminently technical perspective, using information tools, such as
                       technical folders, rate databases, as well as diagnostic documents, among others; which may
                       allow administrations to better understand the problems, thus generating solutions ranging
                       from regulation itself to self-regulation of mobile service markets.

                       We would like to especially thank those administrations which have contributed and provided
                       the necessary information for the development of this document. We would also like to
                       especially thank CCPI Chair for its decisive and permanent support to the work developed by
                       the delegation of Peru in charge of this rapporteurship.

                       We hope that this document, which intends to contribute to understanding the problems of
                       roaming in the region, may become an important reference to design policies related to the
                       roaming of the different administrations of CITEL.

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